Western has decided to use Proctortrack so that courses with examination formats may continue to be offered in the remote learning environment.

Proctortrack is a third-party platform and the information collected, used, stored and destroyed for the online proctoring tool is carried out by Proctortrack. Data collected while students are taking a test may also be downloaded by the instructor and will be stored on secure Western servers.

Western has completed thorough risk assessments of Proctortrack’s security and data management practices. While no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we are satisfied that all risks have been considered and mitigated as much as possible. We are committed to protecting your personal information and we will support students if they encounter any issues. We have taken steps to ensure:

  1. Proctortrack accesses only data related to the proctoring session and does not access personal files;
  2. Western retains ownership of that data;
  3. Student data will be kept confidential at all times (Proctortrack is prohibited from disclosing it); and
  4. Data is stored on Canadian servers.


When students use Proctotrack to take a remote exam, it will capture their video, audio, screen, and web surfing particulars only during the exam. The personal information collected by Proctortrack will be used to verify students’ identities and ensure that exams are being taken fairly in accordance with Western's exam policies. Proctortrack does not access any files on students’ hard-drives and it does not allow anyone remote access to students’ computers. Protortrack does not require, nor request system level access to your device.

During exams, student webcam videos are not streamed live to anyone. They are captured and stored locally until they are uploaded to secure servers located in Canada for automated analysis. Your test taking information is restricted to the instructor and a small number of system administrators at Western.

The list below describes how personal information will be collected, recorded, used and uploaded as part of the online proctoring service offered through Proctortrack:

  • Student onboarding requires the student to provide basic identity profile information (no invasive personal information) and complete a face scan to be uploaded to Proctortrack servers in Canada;
  • Students show photo identification to the webcam to verify identity (Western OneCard recommended);
  • Students complete a face scan to verify identity;
  • Screen-sharing technology records students’ computer screens only during the exam;
  • Students will be recorded taking the exam;
  • Software is used to restrict access to other computer applications;
  • Recordings of video and desktop screens are uploaded to Proctortrack servers in Canada;
  • Proctortrack conducts automated video reviews and flagging processes;
  • Instructors may review the recordings after the exam;
  • Information is securely purged 180 days after the exam date; and
  • Student profile data is purged after 365 days.

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