Western is committed to providing student support as we utilize online proctoring through Proctortrack.

If students have questions or concerns prior to their Proctortrack exam, you can send them to

We recognize that students may experience technical difficulties as they take their test and have numerous outlets available to support student success.

Western Exam Chat Support

Western exam chat support is available to students in the chat icon above or through OWL in the side bar under "Western Exam Chat Support". Students can reach out to Office of the Registrar staff members for assistance with questions and troubleshooting strategies during the following hours:

Hours of operation for live chat support:
Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT*
* plus during scheduled assessments after hours

Proctortrack Live Chat Support

Although Proctortrack offers live chat support, students should always reach out to Western Exam Chat support during support hours.
If needed outside Western support hours, additional resources can be found on the Proctortrack support web page.