US Student Funding

US Student Aid

Welcome to our US Student Aid webpage. Please take the time to read the information as it provides step by step procedures, deadlines, and other important details that will facilitate your best student experience.

All student loan funding is processed by our Financial Aid office located at Room 1100 in the Western Student Services Building (WSSB).  Please visit Western Chat for inquiries and to request a Financial Aid appointment.

Student Financial Aid Office
Room 1100 WSSB
University of Western Ontario
1151 Richmond St.London, ON
N6A 3K7  Fax: 519-850-2394

Getting Started:

The following are the different funding options available to our US students.

US Funding

US Gov Direct Lending Programs

Alternative Lender

Alternative Private Lenders

Other Finaid by Western

Other Finaid offered by Western