Student Center Access Guide

Below you will find the steps required to setup your Student Center account and sign in.

If you attended prior to 2007 use our Virtual Helpline – Other to request Student Center access setup. This takes 48 business hours once we have responded to your request.

Step 1: Obtain your Access Code.

Access Code Retrieval service Click here.

You will require your Western Student Number AND your Birthdate AND one of the following:

  • OUAC Number (applicants)
  • Social Insurance Number (current or former students)*
  • OCT Number (Education students)
  • OMS Number (Medicine students)


* Current and Former students, if you can sign into your Student Center follow the path below to add your SIN and retrieve your access code online with the link above. Log into Student Center > Profile > Personal Details under National Identification Number click edit.

Step 2: Obtain your Western Identity username & password from the Western Technology Services (WTS) website.

You will require your Western Student Number AND your Access Code (as obtained in Step 1)

WTS Account Activation

Step 3: Access the Student Center

You will require your Western Identity username AND password (as obtained in Step 2)

Student Center

Note: remember to ensure that your cookies are enabled and any popup blocker is set to allow popups from

Password Tips:

Don't share your password with anyone.  It's best to memorize your password - if you must write it down, keep it in a secure place.  If you believe your password has been compromised, you can change your password via the WTS Password Reset page.