What is Academic Considerations?


Information for Student Illness Reporting Tool Site

Beginning March 18, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. all Western students are asked to use a new, online Student Illness Reporting Tool to track and monitor illnesses, whether the illness impacts the submission of course work or not.  This tool takes the place of the need to submit a medical note and the Self-Reported Absence System used by undergraduate students.  


The health, safety and wellness of the university community is important to Western. During the current COVID-19 situation, it is essential for Western to track the impact of illnesses for the University.  The Middlesex-London Health Unit must receive this data to be able to quickly understand the magnitude of illness affecting the university community. 


An online Student Illness Reporting Tool is now available and all students are required to use the tool to report any illness.

The illness must be entered each day that you are ill.  When the notification is saved, an email is automatically sent to you for your records.  

This method of reporting will be in place throughout the April exam period.

In addition to reporting your illness through the Student Illness Reporting System, please follow the guidelines below applicable to your student group.

Undergraduate Students including Affiliated University College Student (excluding Students in Ivey)

If you will not be able to submit coursework due to your illness, view the information posted by your instructor on the course OWL site. If you have another concern regarding your academics, please do not hesitate to contact your Faculty Academic Counselling Office. 

Graduate Students

Please follow the normal procedures for connecting with your instructors/supervisors for missed classes/academic work.

Ivey School of Business Students

Please follow normal procedures for connecting with your faculty and your respective Program Services office for any missed coursework.

Faculty of Education Students

If you are unable to attend your placement due to illness, please continue to follow the normal procedure of contacting your Associate Teacher/AFE supervisor.

Faculty of Law Students

Students seeking accommodation should contact the Associate Dean (Academic) in advance of the relevant due date.

Dentistry Program Students

If you will not be able to submit coursework due to your illness, please contact Brenda Davis at badavis@uwo.ca .

Medicine Program Students

Please follow the Attendance & Absenteeism information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these uncertain times. Please be assured we are here to support you in any way we can to ensure you finish your term.

What is Academic Considerations?

Academic Consideration provides students with consistent, fair, and academically appropriate consideration, when they are unable to complete some component of a course due to extenuating circumstances.

If you have missed or will miss a course-related component (e.g. laboratory or tutorial) or a course-related assessment (e.g. quiz) you may be eligible to request an Academic Consideration to make arrangements to complete the missed course work at a later time.

Academic Consideration for course-related components and assessments may include:

  • Class Attendance
  • Tutorial Attendance
  • Laboratory Attendance
  • Midterm
  • Test
  • Presentation
  • Essay/Assignment
  • Quiz

There are three ways you can request academic consideration:

  • Self-Reported Absence
  • Medical Absence
  • Non-Medical Absence

The nature of your circumstance/request will determine which route to pursue in requesting Academic Consideration. Factors affecting your eligibility for consideration or which method would be most appropriate for you to submit your request are:

  • The duration of time needed;
  • The number of Self-Reported Absences submitted within the Term
  • The credit weight of the course-relate d component

To learn more about the types of absences and eligibility for an Academic Consideration for Undergraduate students:

Tip: Remember to send notification of your absence within the acceptable timeframe for your type of absence. Make sure to communicate with your instructor about your absence and to make arrangements for completing any missed coursework.

Self-Reported Absence Form

If your absence is short-term and unexpected then you may be eligible to use the Self-Reported Absence Form.

Before you use the Self-Reported Absence Form, make sure you understand the eligibility conditions and your responsibilities:

Completing a Self-Reported Absence Form will only notify your instructor(s) of your absence within the acceptable absence timeframe. You are responsible for contacting your instructor(s) within the appropriate amount of time to make arrangements to complete the missed coursework.

To use the Self-Reported Absence Form:

  • Log into:
  • Click on the Self-Reported Absence link located on the right-hand side under Student Services Links.
  • Carefully read the instructions and complete the Form, indicating each of the courses that you will miss during your absence.
  • Email your instructor(s) following your Self-Reported absence to discuss a new deadline/make-up date.

Please visit the Self-Reported Absence FAQ’s page for a full list of frequently asked questions.


Medical Absence and Non-Medical Absence

An Academic Consideration for a Medical or Non-Medical absence will require documentation and is coordinated through your Faculty Academic Counselling Office.

To request an Academic Consideration for these types of absences, review the eligibility conditions, documentation requirements and deadlines:


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