Updating Personal Information

Keeping your personal information up to date is very important. Having the right information in our systems will ensure that information you receive from us will match your current information and arrive at the right destination. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that this information is kept up to date at all times.

Updating Your Address or Name

Changing your Address

The Office of the Registrar maintains only one address for each current student on behalf of Western University.  All official correspondence mailed to current students is sent to the student's "Home" address as noted on your Student Center.  Please log into your Student Center to ensure your HOME address reflects where you will be living while attending Western so that you receive important correspondence from Western.  Mail that is returned to the Office of the Registrar will not be redirected.

Your Legal Name

Your legal name is the name under which you were registered in a Canadian province or territory. Generally, this is the name you were given at birth. For non-Canadian students, the legal name is the name found on your immigration documents or passport.

Your legal name is the name that is used on all official documentation and records (Diploma, transcripts, tax forms, etc.) at Western University.

Your legal name forms the basis for all of your academic accomplishments. As such, it is expected that students will provide a complete and accurate legal name upon application for admission and maintain and update this name as circumstances warrant.

Requests to change all or part of a name by way of alteration, deletion, substitution or addition must be made in writing by completing the University’s official Legal Name Change form.

Students who wish to change their name used for official registration purposes are required to provide acceptable documentation (as outlined below) and photo identification reflecting the change.

In these cases, the following documentation is acceptable:

    • Marriage certificate
    • Notarized letter
    • Passport
    • Annulment certificate
    • Driver’s license
    • Death certificate of spouse
    • Government-issued photo identification
    • Joint declaration of conjugal relationship
    • Divorce papers/Divorce order/Certificate of divorce/Decree Nisi

Current and previous students are required to submit their request to Student Central

Employees are required to submit their request to Human Resources.

Note: If you legally change your name during your time at Western and would like the name change reflected on your Western ONECard, you may request this after your name change has been processed. A replacement fee will apply.

Your Preferred/Chosen First Name (Option available beginning February 15, 2019)

While we use the phrase “preferred name”, for some students, this is not just a preference: it is the only name they use and it is essential to their identity. For this reason, this page also uses the phrase “chosen name.” Your preferred or chosen first name is the first name you commonly go by, and differs from your legal first name.  Western University, like many other large institutions, requires that individuals use their legal name on all legal records and official documents. However, the University also recognizes that, as an inclusive community, many of its members use first names other than their legal first names to identify themselves.

Situations where a student may request the use of a chosen or preferred first name may include:

    • Students who have a given name they are commonly known by (e.g., Ellie for Eleanor; JD for John Daniel).
    • Students who have a given name that may potentially be mispronounced (e.g., Nikolaj, Siobhan).
    • Students who use an anglicized or westernized first name (e.g., Jane instead of Xuan; Henry instead of Heydar).
    • Trans, Two-Spirit, and gender-nonconforming students who choose a name that reflects their gender identity or expression (e.g., Ben instead of Elizabeth; Allie instead of Alexander).

The University acknowledges that a preferred or chosen first name can and should be used wherever possible in the course of University student business and education. For this purpose,

At present, the preferred/chosen first name is fully supported in the following systems:

    • Western ONECard (replacement fee will apply)
    • Display name on Western email (@uwo.ca)
    • Greeting on Student Center
    • Class Lists and Grading
    • Display name on OWL

It is important to remember however that many people with first names that are unfamiliar or harder to pronounce to English speakers want to use their legal name. In order to help build a culture of inclusion, staff, faculty and students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with names that are new to them.

Requests to add/update/remove the preferred/chosen first name can be made by completing Preferred/Chosen First Name Change Request Form. No supporting documentation is required; however, it is assumed that the request will be made in good faith.

Change requests will be actioned within 5 business days and reflected in the systems indicated above.

Once you change your preferred/chosen first name or legal name, you can request a replacement Western ONECard. A replacement fee will apply.

Your Diploma Name
As an official document relating to your academic studies at Western, your degree diploma is generated using your legal name.  Students who wish to include a variation of their complete legal name for the purpose of their printed degree are required to complete the appropriate request form. The name variation for the printed degree will be retained as part of your permanent record and displayed separately on official transcripts with the degree conferral information. Students are advised to carefully consider the impact of requesting a Diploma Name when the name being requested will not match with their other legal documents that may be used for visa, travel or identity purposes.

ALL completed forms should be signed and returned to Student Central. Forms can be submitted in person, by mail, fax or email (contact@uwo.ca).

Note: Any future Degree Verification or Transcripts MUST reflect the name used for Official Registration Purposes

Update Your Residency

For information about acceptable documentation and deadlines for submission to update your residency, visit: Who pays Canadian Tuition Fees

Release of Information

See more information on the Release of Information page.

Western Email and Directory Removal

Western Email

All primary communications from the Office of the Registrar, Dean's offices, and departments will be addressed to your @uwo.ca email.  It is expected that you will keep your email in good working order.  For more information see Western's Central E-mail Service FAQ.

Directory Removal

The Directory Removal service allows you to notify the Office of the Registrar if you wish to be removed from the Western online student directory listing that provides your Western e-mail address.

To access the Directory Removal service, login to your Student Center and choose the Profile Tile > Contact Details, and click “Directory Removal.”

Western Student Number

The Western Student Number is a student identification number that is assigned to a student upon first applying to Western University. The number, which is unique to every student, will be used as the key identifier on a student’s record at Western. The Western Student Number is nine-digits long, randomly assigned, and tied to the Western student record. If you cannot locate or remember your Western Student Number, please email contact@uwo.ca and submit a photo of government issued photo ID or call us at 519-661-2100 during regular business hours and we can help you over the phone.

Access Code

Your Access Code is a 4-digit identification number generated during the admission process. Your Access Code is needed to activate your Western Identity or adjust the phone number associated with your MFA account.

Access Code Retrieval service

You will require your Western Student Number AND your Birthdate AND one of the following:

  • OUAC Number (applicants)
  • Social Insurance Number (current or former students)*
  • OCT Number (Education students)
  • OMS Number (Medicine students)


*Current and Former students, if you can sign into your Student Center follow the path below to add your SIN and retrieve your access code online with the link above. Log into Student Center > Demographic Data > under National Identification Number click edit. If you cannot log into your Student Center call us at 519-661-2100 during regular business hours and we can help you over the phone.

Update/Add Your Emergency Contacts

To add or update your emergency contacts in Student Center, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Student Center
  2. Click the "Profile" tile
  3. Select "Emergency Contacts" from the left-hand side
  4. If you have no emergency contacts on file, select the "Add Contact" button and add in their information
  5. If you have emergency contacts added and need to edit their information, click on the contact to edit their details.

Update/Add Your Study Permit

You can upload your Study Permit online here.

International students are responsible for applying for their initial study permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Please visit the IRCC website for further information, document requirements and application instructions. You will need your offer of admission to get your Canadian Study Permit.

You will need your official Offer of Admission and Letter of Acceptance to apply for your Canadian study permit.

Please fill in your information* and upload a clear scan or photo of your official study permit document. You will be issued your official study permit document upon arrival to Canada, this is the document we require.

Note: You can upload your documents to this page when you arrive on campus at the start of your studies. Students attending for 6 months or less do not need a study permit.

*Your Study Permit Number begins with ‘F’.