Academic Timetables of Scheduled Classes

An Academic Timetable provides a listing of classes scheduled for the Term. Please note that scheduling changes may happen and Academic Timetables are subject to change. Western does not support external timetabling services as these providers may not have up-to-date or accurate information.  

Online Learning Notice:
Please note: For courses delivered in an online format, include an online component, or are required to pivot online, students must have a reliable internet connection and computer that are compatible with online learning system requirements. Some courses may also require the use of a remote proctoring platform to ensure assessments are taken fairly in accordance with Western’s policy on Scholastic Discipline for Undergraduate Students and Scholastic Discipline for Graduate Students. Please refer to the course syllabus for further information.

Usually available beginning of June for the upcoming Fall/Winter term

Usually available in February for the upcoming Summer term


Academic Timetable Filter Options

Narrow your search for course offerings by using the drop down menu options.

Use Course Suffix to find courses offered within the Term (i.e. Fall session, Winter session or Fall/Winter session) or certain types of courses (i.e. essay, non-essay).

Use Course Delivery Type to find courses offered by Distance Studies, Blended or In-Person. 

FW Timetable Filters 

Use Session to find courses offered within 4 different session types (Distance Studies, Summer Evening, Intersession, Summer Day).

Use Course Delivery Type to find courses offered by Distance Studies, Blended or In-Person.

Use Campus to determine where the course is offered, i.e. Main, Brescia, Huron, King's.

Summer Timetable Filters

Quick Tips for Course Registration:

  • Class Numbers - Use for quick searching in Student Center during course registration. A class number identifies a specific course offering or component, such as lecture/laboratory/tutorial.

  • Requisites: Prerequisite, Corequisite and Antirequisite - Don’t know what these terms mean? See the Glossary in the Academic Calendar.

  • Constraints- Enrollment conditions that restrict or delay your access to register in courses.  There are two types of constraints:

    • Priority - A temporary constraint that limits registration to a particular group of students (i.e.students at a particular Campus or in a specific module/program) for a specific period of time.
    • Restriction - A constraint that limits registration to a particular group for the duration of the course registration period.

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