Accommodated Exams

Accommodated Exams process for the 2021-2022 school year

Accommodations for in-person assessments:

  • Accommodation bookings for in-person assessments during the 2021-2022 school year must be booked via your Examination Services page at least 10 days in advance of the assessment date
  • Check your Exam Services page for confirmed start time and location (visible 3 days in advance).
  • For final exams, a separate deadline will apply. This earlier deadline will be posted on the Exam Services page and/or communicated via email once the final exam scheduled has been posted.

 Accommodations for online timed assessments:

  • Accommodations for online assessments are arranged by instructors. Make sure you have accommodations requested in all your courses by logging in to your Examination Services pagePlease consult OWL and your course outline to determine the type of online assessment and how your accommodations will be arranged.


How to book an in-person accommodated exam with Examination Services

Step 1: Arrange academic accommodation with your Accessible Education counsellor

If you have already arranged academic accommodation with Accessible Education, you may proceed to Step 2.

Note: You must add your courses at the beginning of each term. Every time you add or drop a course, you must visit your Exam Services page to update your accommodated course enrollment.

Step 2: Log in to Examination Services

Log in to the Examination Services and ACSD King's Login page to provide assessment dates.

While it is best to make all your bookings as soon as you have your course outlines, the deadline to submit assessment bookings is 10 days prior to the assessment date. If you miss that date, your booking will automatically be denied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For final exams, a separate deadline will apply. This earlier deadline will be posted on the Exam Services page and/or communicated via email once the final exam scheduled has been posted.

Once logged in, you will see your name at the top of the screen and your courses. To book an assessment, click on the blue 'Request Exam' button next to the course.


This will take you to an online form where you can submit assessment dates for that course. If Accommodated Exams is aware of an assessment that you have not yet booked, you can simply click on the Request Exam button. If the assessment you are trying to book is not showing, you must enter the date and time in the "Book a New Exam" section.


Once you have successfully submitted an exam date, you will see the exam date and time listed in green on the course page as well as in the Exam Status Table on your main page.  

You must submit a request for each in-person assessment that you wish to write with Examination Services. At the start of each term, you should refer to your course outlines to find out dates and times for tests in your courses and submit a request for each test or exam to Exam Services. If you don’t know the dates of your tests or exams, ask your instructor.

Step 3: Check your assessment date, time, and location

Three days before the date of the assessment, your location and start time will be displayed on your Examination Services page. You should always double check the date, time, and location the day before your assessment is scheduled in case there have been any changes from when it was first posted.


If you are unable to access your exam schedule online, please email Accommodated Exams (Main, Huron, Brescia) at

Step 4: On the Day of Assessment

Arrive at the appropriate location 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. See here for maps of Western’s campus:

You must bring your Western ONECard for identification purposes.


COVID-19 procedures:

  • Visit the washroom and fill your water bottle before entering the exam suite.
  • Line up outside the exam suite. Proctors will ask students to enter based on start time.
  • Bring your student card to confirm your identity and scan to confirm questionnaire completion.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering exam suite and after writing your exam.
  • During the sign-in process, you must temporarily remove your mask for the proctor to confirm your identity, and to reveal nothing is concealed within your mask. (2 meters apart/behind barrier). 

See this video for updated in-person procedures:


Makeup Assessments

All makeup assessments require either academic counselling approval, or the submission of a self-reported absence. Makeup assessments are booked by emailing with the course code, original date, and makeup date provided to you by your instructor. Our staff will then verify the status of your academic counselling approval or self-reported absence.

Makeup assessments require at least one week’s notice prior to the date of the assessment.

To make changes to a previous assessment request, please email

To make changes for reasons unrelated to your disability, University procedures must be followed. For more information please refer to Official Academic Policy.


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