Student Resources

Student Guide to Proctortrack

Please review the Student Guide to Proctortrack (pdf)  for information on:

  • What to do before starting an assessment
  • Onboarding
  • Taking an assessment using Proctortrack
  • Uninstalling Proctortrack
  • Issues during your assessment
  • Student FAQ
  • Violations


Quick reminder for final exams using Proctortrack

  1. You must access your Proctortrack assessment through the Proctortrack tool on your OWL class site.
  2. No candidate may leave the examination during the first thirty minutes of the examination. As such, you must wait to submit your exam in OWL and upload your Proctortrack video until the first thirty minutes of the examination is up.
  3. Candidates arriving later than thirty minutes after the commencement of the examination will not be allowed to write the examination. If you arrive within the first thirty minutes but experience technical difficulties, such as downloading, uploading or connecting Proctortrack, you must reach out to Western Exam Chat Support for support and a record of your technical difficulties. You can access Western support through the Western Exam Chat Support tool in OWL.

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