Need Based Awards

Need-Based Awards are awarded to students based on a combination of academic merit, demonstration of financial need, and in some cases, non-academic requirements.

How to Apply

To be considered for Need Based Awards students are required to complete the Financial Assistance Profile Application (FAP). The FAP Application becomes available in mid-August each year through the Student Centre website.

Please note that the deadline to submit the Financial Assistance Profile Application and any supporting documentation (if applicable) for Need Based Award consideration is September 30th

The FAP application is used for consideration for all need based awards, however, some awards also require supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

Some Need Based Awards require that supporting documentation be submitted in addition to the Financial Assistance Profile Application (FAP) for consideration.  To determine if an award has supporting documentation requirements please refer to the online Award Search.    When performing a search select "Yes" for Application Required (located at the top of the Search tab) to return a list of awards requiring an application.  Supporting documentation requirements (if applicable) are outlined in the award descriptions.  To view the award description for a specific award click the magnifying glass icon next to the Award Name.   The Award Search also includes an Essay column, which indicates "Yes" when an essay is required for award consideration.  Please read each award description carefully for application requirements. 

How to submit Need Based Award supporting documents:

Unless the award terms indicate otherwise, please submit your supporting documents online via the secure DocDrop.  Please select the 'Award Documentation' document type when uploading your document. You should do a separate upload for each award you wish to be considered for and reference the name of the specific award in your pdf file name. Note: You must use a pdf file format when submitting documents through the DocDrop.

Need Based Award Application - for students in the Fanshawe stream of the Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Nursing Program

This application is for first year students in the Fanshawe stream of the Collaborative Nursing program only. The application form is posted in mid September each year with an application deadline of September 30th.

Need Based Award Application for Fanshawe Stream students