Online Statement of Account

The following account information is mainly for Undergraduate students.  Graduate students, please visit the Graduate Studies website for information specific to your status.

Statement of Account

In order to see your fee information, you will need to login to Student Center and under Student Financials click on Statement of Account.

The detailed statement of account will provide you with your account information including tuition and residence due dates, charges, payments, bursaries and current balance.  In the upper right hand corner you can also click on the printer friendly link to generate a HTML printout of your statement of account should you require a paper copy.

Important: Payment must be received in our office by the due date as indicated on your statement of account.  Failure to pay tuition fees will result in financial and academic penalties. Late payment penalties may apply (see  listing below).  

Release of Information: The privacy of our student's personal information is important to us. Due to privacy legislation we will not release your personal information to anyone (e.g. parents, spouse, friends) unless authorized by you to do so. If you wish to give a third party (parents/spouse/friends) the ability to access information or a service on your behalf you must complete an online Release of Information. For more information visit: Release of Information

Registration Changes

When students add their first course, the fees due date is set.  For part-time students, if additional courses are added after the due date listed on the online statement of account, the payment of these added course(s) is due no later than 10 days from the date of adding the course(s) in order to avoid the late payment penalty. 

Students who do not withdraw from their courses properly will be responsible for payment of the course(s). Withdrawing from courses after the withdrawal deadline will cause students to be assessed cancellation and additional fees based on the date of withdrawal. Students are responsible for paying this balance upon withdrawal. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to remove students from courses for non-payment of fees.

Part-time students registering in second term half courses should refer to their Statement of Account, available through the Student Center, to confirm their tuition fee due date.

Opt Outs

Undergraduates and Professionals

Opt-out of Health/Dental coverage and other fees (all other fees are mandatory): 

  • Students wishing to opt out of the USC Health and/or Dental plans must visit prior to the deadline (September 23, 2024). This site will be available early July until the deadline in September. 
  • Students wishing to opt out of the Faculty Donation Fee must do so through their Dean’s Office of their faculty by the end of September.
  • Visit for information about opting out of the Orientation Week Fee. This site will be available early July. The deadline for opting out is mid-August. 


Full-time graduate students at Western University who are members of the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) and have paid their SOGS Health & Dental Plan fee are automatically billed for, enrolled in, and covered by the SOGS Health & Dental Plan.

Full-time Non-Residential students (professional education), Part-time graduate students, Leave of Absence, and Post-Doctoral Scholars are NOT automatically covered, and therefore MUST Opt-In within the 1st month of your enrolment term or contract start date within an academic year to receive coverage.

If you are uncertain about whether you have been charged this fee, check your tuition bill.

For more information about the plan and opting out please visit the Society of Graduate Students’ website:

International University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

UHIP is mandatory health insurance coverage for non-Canadian residents and their families.  The UHIP fee is included on your Statement of Account.  Additional premiums are payable for eligible family members.  Students will receive an e-mail to their Western e-mail account once their UHIP card is available for printing online.  For more information on UHIP and opting out , visit the International and Exchange Student Centre UHIP website.

Late Payment Penalties

Late penalties will be assessed monthly at a rate of 1.5% of the overdue balance. For example, based on an overdue balance of $4,500, the interest charges would be approximately $2.25 per day.  The monthly accumulation of these charges will be added to accounts on the last business day of each month. Please ensure your tuition payment reaches our office by the tuition deadline to avoid such penalties.


Direct Deposit (fees refunds only) For Main Campus Undergraduate Students

NOTE: Direct Deposit is for fees refund purposes only.  We cannot take a payment from your bank account to pay for tuition or residence fees.

Fees refunds issued to students consist of scholarships, bursaries, opt-outs and fees over payments.

Main campus undergraduate students can now have their fees refund directly deposited into their bank account.

Log into your Student Center account. Click on Student Financials > Direct Deposit and then on Add Bank Account and input your banking information. Once the refund is processed, the funds will arrive in your bank account in three business days.

Click here to view refund schedules.