Alternative Private Lenders

A private loan is a non-federal student aid loan that is made expressly for post secondary educational expenses.  We strongly encourage you to pursue the availability of financial aid through the federal Direct lending program first.  You may want to consider this funding option once your Direct loan funding has been maximized.  You may require a co-signor.

There are a very limited number of lenders that will provide private loans to students while attending a school outside of the US.  Western University is not affiliated with any of these lenders and we strongly encourage you to research the interest rates, terms of repayment etc.  All accessible lenders that we are aware of have been listed below.  We will certify other alternative loans provided they will lend to a student attending a post-secondary institution outside of the US. 

  1. Sallie Mae Student Loans
  2. Vermont Advantage Loan
  3. Vermont Choice Loan
  4. Global Education Management Services (GEMS)

When you apply for a private loan, we will be notified by the lender.  You are still required to contact our office, as there may be additional information we require when certifying your loan funding. 

Your private loan funding will be released in two equal installments.  The funds are sent by cheque to Western University and are made payable to the school and the student.  If you have any tuition amount owing, you must endorse the cheque to Western University and any resulting credit will be refunded to you in Canadian dollars.   If your account balance is at zero, Western University will endorse the cheque to you.  You will be sent notification to your UWO email address once the funding is available.  You can view your current tuition account details by logging into your Student Center account.