Your Western ONECard

Your Western ONECard

Undergraduate, Professional, Education and Continuing Studies Students (not for Master's and Doctoral students)

Information for graduate students (Master's and Doctoral), please go here:

What Is Your Western ONECard?

Your Western ONECard is more than just a Photo ID Card. The Western ONECard functions as an identification card for exams and bus pass; is your library card; your meal plan card; and can be used for door access and vending machine purchases.  It is also required to access Campus Recreation and to pick up a parking permit or keys.

Uploading Your Government-Issued Photo ID

To obtain your Western ONECard you’ll beed to first upload a photo of a piece of government-issued photo ID, such as your passport or driver’s lisence, so that we can verify that your legal name matches the one we have on file.


Note: Western supports chosen names wherever possible. To add a preferred name submit the Preferred Name Request form to

Photo Instructions for Your Western ONECard

Upload a Photo

Upload your photo and government-issued photo ID through the Western ONECard Photo Upload.

To produce your Western ONECard we require a photo that is:

  • Clear with good contrast
  • Colour
  • At least 120px wide and 150px tall
  • jpg or png


In addition, the photo must meet the following criteria:

  • The photo is of you alone
  • The photo shows your head and shoulders only
  • You have a neutral or smiling facial expression and are looking straight at the camera
  • Your eyes are open and clearly visible. Glasses, including tinted prescription glasses, are acceptable provided that the eyes are clearly visible. Sunglasses are unacceptable
  • There is nothing on your head, unless it is worn for religious beliefs
  • There is nothing obstructing the view of your face


Photos should be similar in nature to a passport photo and will remain on your Western ONECard for the duration of your studies at Western. Western reserves the right to not produce a Western ONECard where the photo submitted does not meet the above criteria.

Note: This photo will follow you throughout your studies here at Western and will be used for reference by your professors when conducting your evaluations. Please carefully consider whether the photo you are submitting is one you wish evaluators to see.

*NEW* for Canadian or Permanent Residents

Proof of Citizenship

If you are a Canadian or Permanent Resident, you will be asked to also upload proof of your citizenship.

*NEW* for International Students

Study Permit

If you are an international student you can upload your photo and government-issued ID now and return to the process when you arrive in Canada to upload your study permit information.

Where and When to Pick Up Your Western ONECard

To pick-up your Western ONECard, you can come to the front desk in Student Central in Western Student Services Building. We are open Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm.

What Should You Bring When You Pick-Up Your Western ONECard?

 To pick up your Western ONECard you must present one piece of government-issued photo identification such as:

  • Driver's license;
  • Citizenship card;
  • Passport;
  • Other Government-issued photo ID