Fall/Winter 2023 Tuition Information

Fall/Winter 2023 Tuition Information

Tuition & Residence Billing 

First-year tuition & residence is due August 1, 2023, in your Western account* 

Upper-year tuition & residence is due August 15, 2023, in your Western account* 

*Online bank payments take 3-5 days to credit to your account. Pay early to avoid late fees. 

Students can pay all their Fees by the due dates above or pay the 1st installment by the above deadlines and the remaining balance by December 1, 2023. This is an automatic payment plan offered to all students without needing to reach out. 

Check your Statement of Account to confirm due dates and installment amounts.  

If you are an Undergraduate student and have registered for Fall/Winter 2023 courses, your tuition and/or residence fees can be viewed together on your  Student Center beginning in mid-July by clicking on the Student Financials tile > Fees and Refunds > Statement of Account. 

The Statement of Account will provide you with your account information including charges, payments, current balance, and due date. In the upper right-hand corner, you can click on "printer friendly form" to generate an HTML printout of your fees statement, should you need a paper copy.

Late Payment Penalties

Avoid late-payment penalties by ensuring your payment is received by Western on or before the deadline indicated in your statement. It takes 2-3 business days to receive Canadian bank payments and 3-5 business days for international. Late penalties will be assessed monthly at a rate of 1.5% of the overdue balance. For example, based on an overdue balance of $4,500, the interest charges would be approximately $2.25 per day. The monthly accumulation of these charges will be added to accounts on the last business day of each month.

Students Staying in Residence

Residence charges will be applied to your statement of account in late July. To secure your spot in residence please ensure your payment is made by the deadline on your statement.

Anticipated Aid

If you have an amount in Anticipated Aid (such as scholarships and/or bursaries), you may deduct this amount from the first installment or total balance owing on your statement.


Non-payment of fees does not cancel registration in courses. Students who do not withdraw from their courses properly will be responsible for payment of the course(s). Withdrawing from courses after the withdrawal deadline will cause students to be assessed cancellation and additional fees based on the date of withdrawal. Students are responsible for paying this balance upon withdrawal.

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Below is a list of optional fees and services with their deadline dates. 

Deadline August 15, 2023: Orientation Week Fee

Deadline September 23, 2023:  USC Health, Dental, or My Virtual Doctor

Deadline September 29, 2023: Faculty donation fee (you must contact your Faculty's Deans Office)


If your OSAP processing is complete, you will see a link at the top of your bill labeled "What do I owe in addition to OSAP?" This link will be available on July 19. Follow the link to see the amount that you need to pay in addition to OSAP to cover your 1st installment. 
If you have not yet paid your 1st installment in full at the time your enrolment to OSAP is confirmed, OSAP will send Western the minimum amount due on your statement to pay off your 1st installment. OSAP will then deposit any remaining balance of your 1st installment of OSAP into your bank account. 
Western will report to OSAP all scholarship, award and bursary funding you are receiving from Western. If you have included any Western funding on your OSAP application, you must contact our office by submitting a Virtual Helpline to request that the Western funding be removed from your application. Please indicate that your question is related to “OSAP (Fall/Winter)”, choose the "Change in Scholarship/Bursary/Award" option, and specify the number of scholarships or awards you are receiving from sources other than Western. Note: you are still responsible for reporting any external funding (i.e. not awarded by Western) on your OSAP application. 

Not Attending Western?  

If you are registered in courses and have decided not to attend Western, you must drop the course(s) or contact us through our Virtual Helpline to inform us you are not attending.  

Failure to do this will result in you getting charged full tuition and getting a grade of 'F' in the courses. 


If you have any questions about payments or payment deadlines, please contact us on chat at https://westernchat.uwo.ca or through our Virtual Helpline 

For questions about your residence charges or accommodations, please contact the Housing office directly at housing@uwo.ca or 519-661-3547.