Preparing for September 2024

Preparing for September 2024

It’s time to start thinking ahead to the next academic year! The Intent to Register form is now available on Student Center.

What is Intent to Register?

Intent to Register is for current Fall/Winter students to request registration in an academic program and/or module for the subsequent Fall/Winter term.

ITR is used to indicate your academic preference for:

Program and/or Module

Bachelor of Arts (4 Year)
Major in English Language & Literature + Minor in Film Studies
Academic Course Load Full-Time or Part-Time

*Students currently in Year 1 (excluding those in Year 1 Medical Science First Entry) and Year 2 Medical Science First Entry should complete an ITR to progress into a program and/or module.

Do I have to Complete an ITR?

Some Faculties/Schools may require that an ITR be completed each year of study. For example, students who are currently registered in or wishing to transfer into limited enrollment programs may need to complete an ITR.

Always consult with Faculty Academic Counselling Offices for their ITR requirements.

How do I Submit an ITR?

Students will have access to online ITR March 1 – April 2 through Student Center under Academics > Program Status > Intent to Register Form.

Changes can be submitted online in your Intent to Register Form throughout the ITR period. After submitting your ITR, you will receive an email confirming the details of your request.

After the ITR period has ended, ITR choices for the following year will be listed under the Academics > Program Status > Intent to Register in your Student Center.

Information on the Intent to Register process is available through the Intent to Register Step-By-Step Guide or on our website. These guides contain information on what you need to prepare for ITR and how to access the online process. 

Note: Some students will not have access to online ITR and will need to contact their Faculty Academic Counselling Office.


What should I do to prepare for ITR?

Attend ITR information sessions offered by your Faculty Academic Counselling Office.

What happens if I don’t complete an ITR?

For upper-year students, if an ITR has not been completed, an ITR will be generated based on your current program and/or module status.

Refer to the chart on this page for more information on what happens in specific programs if you miss your ITR deadline.

I’m an upper-year student, do I have to complete an ITR?

Not all upper-year students have to complete an ITR. For example, students who are currently registered in, or wishing to transfer into, a limited enrollment program may need to complete an ITR. Always consult with Faculty Academic Counselling Offices for their ITR requirements.

Can I switch programs to be in the Nursing program at Western?

Yes, Nursing is now permitting current Western students to transfer into the Nursing program. There is a Qualtrics Survey form for students to request an internal transfer into the program.

You can find a link to the Qualtrics Survey via Step 3 in the ITR form if you select “Faculty of Health Sciences” as your preferred faculty.

Can I submit more than one ITR?

Yes. You can submit ITRs during the period it is open. If you submit a new ITR, it will overwrite your previous submission.

ITR for Bresica Students

Even though Brescia programs/modules will be considered Western programs/modules as of May 1st, 2024, Brescia students will still be able to select Brescia programs/modules for their Intent to Register for Fall/Winter 2024-2025.

For more information on Brescia ITR, please visit our ITR webpage.