Welcome to Western: Your digital transition toolkit

Middlesex College

We are thrilled you have chosen to continue your studies with Western. We wish you a growing sense of belonging as you pursue your goals for life and learning at Western.

Welcome from Marisa Modeski, University Registrar

It is with great pleasure that I, alongside the dedicated personnel of the Office of the Registrar, extend a warm welcome to you at Western University. As you continue your studies with us, you will be introduced to novel environments and individuals on campus.

We acknowledge the likelihood of questions arising as you navigate through this new chapter, and we are equipped to provide the necessary assistance. To facilitate your transition, we have engaged in collaboration with multiple departments across the campus to curate a specialized suite of resources and services designed specifically for your needs.

The Registrar’s Office is steadfast in its commitment to support you throughout your tenure at Western. Our team is prepared to assist you with a comprehensive array of services – ranging from the issuance of your Western ONECards and aiding in course registration, to addressing your questions pertaining to fees and financial assistance.

Rest assured, we will accompany you up to the celebratory moment when you walk across the stage at convocation and are awarded your degree.

I am delighted by your decision to pursue your studies at Western and am committed to both your success and a sense of belonging within our campus community.

Welcome from John Doerksen, Vice-Provost Students

On behalf of the entire Western community, I am honoured to welcome you to Western. Our team in Student Experience, and many other areas across campus, are here to support your transition to main campus. This page has been designed to provide you with information about supports, services and opportunities at Western. I hope you will find the information helpful.

I am also pleased to share the news that Carolyn Temple, Brescia's Director of Student Experience, will join my portfolio as Director of Student Engagement, effective May 1. Carolyn will provide you, Western staff and faculty with crucial leadership and advice to best support your transition to Western.

We are thrilled you have chosen to join us. I wish you a growing sense of belonging as you pursue your goals for life and learning at Western.

Meet Carolyn Temple, your trusted guide in transition

We are thrilled Carolyn will join Student Experience as the new Director of Student Experience.

We know Carolyn has provided you with great support during your time at Brescia and she will continue to do so at Western.

She will be your main contact if you are seeking advice, need help navigating student supports, or if you are just looking for a familiar face. You can reach Carolyn at ctempl@uwo.ca.

Your Connected Campus

Get acquainted with campus. Stay connected to the Western community through social media and learn how to navigate campus buildings and spaces through our websites & apps.

Social Media Accounts to Follow

To stay up-to-date on all things Western, make sure you follow the accounts below!

Campus & Student Life:

Western University
Instagram: @westernuniversity
TikTok: @westernuniversity

Western Student Experience
➡️ Instagram: @westernustudentexperience

Indigenous Student Centre
➡️ Instagram: @westernu_indigenous

Western Housing
➡️ Instagram: @westernuhousing

Western Libraries
➡️ Instagram: @westernulibs
➡️ TikTok: @westernulibs

Western Registrar
➡️ Instagram: @westernuregistrar
➡️ Join a Class of Group!

Western Bookstore
Instagram: @booksatwesternu

Western Hospitality Services
Instagram: @westernufood

Western Student Councils:

Western USC
➡️ Instagram: @westernusc
➡️ TikTok: @westernusc

Western SOGS
➡️ Instagram: @westernsogs

Indigenous Students' Association
➡️ Instagram: @isa.westernu

Sports & Recreation:

Western Mustangs
➡️ Instagram: @westernmustangs
➡️ TikTok: @westernmustangs

Western Recreation
➡️ Instagram: @western_rec


➡️ Instagram: @westernufims
➡️ TikTok: @westernufims

Arts & Humanities
➡️ Instagram: @westernuarts

➡️ Instagram: @westernuscience

Social Science
➡️ Instagram: @westernusocsci

➡️ Instagram: @westernueng

Don Wright Faculty of Music
➡️ Instagram: @westernumusic

Health Sciences
➡️ Instagram: @westernufhs

Virtual Tours

Want to explore campus from a bird's eye view? Looking for exact and easy-to-follow directions? Check out our campus virtual tour!


Accessible Transportation
If you need accessible transportation, visit this Western Accessibility site.

Campus Shuttles

Western's Digital Communities

Thive Online
Thrive Online is a digital space for students, by students. Sharing stories, tips, experiences, resources, and more! Tell your stories, and become a contributor.

What's Up Western
What's Up Western is your pulse on campus life, news and events. During the school year check your inbox for the latest newsletter to see what's happening on campus.

Building Acronyms

Western's campus is home to many buildings.


Academics are central to university life. We are here to equip you with the knowledge, skills and experience you need to succeed in your academic journey.

Academic Advising

For a list of all Faculty Academic Advising Offices, visit this page.

Brescia Advisors
Email bresciaadvisor@uwo.ca for Brescia transitional support.

Brescia Programs
Your program of study will determine the Academic Advising Office you seek as noted below:
  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities: English, French, Philosophy, Religious Studies
  • Faculty of Social Science: History, Leadership Studies, Management & Organizational Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Family Studies & Human Development, Foods & Nutrition


Connect with the library – we’re excited to welcome you to our community and to help you make the most of your time at Western.

Find a place to work and study that fits your needs. We have many libraries and resource centres located across campus – each with a variety of services and spaces to study, connect, and collaborate. You’re welcome at all of them.

Writing & Learning Supports

Accessible Education
WSSB 4100

Accessible Education helps ensure Western’s academic programs are accessible for all students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Whether you need support with academic accommodation, assistive technologies, accessible campus transportation, or learning strategy instruction, Accessible Education is here to help.

Learning Development & Success
WSSB 4100

Get help coping with the demands of post-secondary learning and develop new skills and strategies for success through individual appointments, online resources, and live and pre-recorded presentations. You can also drop into the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Centre to access course-specific support for undergraduate courses.

Writing Support
WSSB 4100 & Weldon Library M14

Your writing skills can have a major impact on your academic and professional success—all graduate and undergraduate students can access the Writing Support Centre for help with any written work. Support is available through individual appointments, online advising, seminars, and at the Writing @ Weldon drop-in location. Expert advisors can also support you with presentation preparation!

Student Central

WSSB, Rm 1120

Student Central is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of services offered in-person, through Western Chat, and on our Virtual Helpline.

Student Central services include:

  • Providing information on undergraduate admissions and recruitment, student records, course registration, OSAP, forms of financial assistance, scholarships, tuition and other fees, exams, and graduation;
  • Processing tuition payments;
  • Distributing government loans and other forms of financial aid;
  • Assisting with course registration;
  • Producing transcripts and Official Western letters;
  • Completing various third-party forms;
  • Producing Western ONECards (photo ID cards).


WSSB Rm. 3135

Need someone to listen to your concerns about a university-related situation? Unsure about a policy or procedure on main campus? Need help resolving a conflict? The Office of the Ombudsperson provides a safe, confidential environment in which you can discuss these problems or concerns. You can schedule an appointment online.

Careers & Experience

We encourage you to extend your learning beyond the classroom. Discover the many programs we offer to help you achieve your career goals and explore your strengths, inside and outside the classroom.

Careers & Experience

Engage in meaningful learning outside the classroom through a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular experiential learning activities. Plan for your future by meeting with a career coach, attending a resume review session, and taking part in one of our employer networking events to make connections across a variety of industries.


Not sure where to start? Check out the Design Your Western digital career workbook to learn more about using life design principles during your time at Western and beyond.

International Learning

It's not just about travelling, studying, interning, volunteering, conducting research or discovering new places and new people. It's about discovering yourself and growing as an individual.

With more than 170 programs in 40 countries, Western makes it easy to gain international experience beyond the classroom through a number of opportunities.


Enhance your leadership skills by getting involved with the Western Peer Leader program and checking out leadership events.

Clifton Strengths

Western Student Experience has partnered with Gallup Inc. to bring you the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment, which will help you improve your self-awareness, improve your classroom performance, and more!


There are many opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship at Western, from curricular opportunities in-class for credit to co-curricular ventures and organized activities like hackathons, pitch competitions and more.

Visit Western Entrepreneurship or Propel for more information.

Student Life

Our diverse and welcoming campus makes it easy to find others who share your goals, interests and passions. With hundreds of clubs, teams and recreational opportunities, you’ll meet people and create bonds that last a lifetime.

Wellness & Well-being

Western Health & Wellness
Thames Hall, Rm 2170
Call (519) 661-3030 to book an appointment, or book online

Health & Wellness is an inclusive point of care for medical needs, counselling services and wellness and equity education. Our professional counsellors work with you to create a plan that best meets your needs, lived experience and heritage. Explore the following services:

Wellness & Equity Education

Learn how to care for your health and wellness through Wellness & Equity Education training, workshops, and events. This includes equity, diversity and inclusion workshops, gender-based and sexual violence prevention training, and diverse wellness events. Learn more and get involved.

For a list of additional London area supports, please visit our Wellness and Well-being Supports and Resources page.


Play the Sport You Love!
Try out for a Varsity team. Join a sports club. Participate in intramurals. All teams focus on diversity, inclusion, spirit and tradition. Balance your academics with the sport(s) you love.

Create Western Mustang Memories
Try out or attend a Mustangs game! All students receive free access to on-campus, regular season games.


Western Campus Recreation Centre
Get moving at the state-of-the-art recreation centre. Join drop-in sessions at our hockey rink and running track, or enjoy unlimited access to our weight room and cardio equipment, drop-in sports and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Explore what Campus Recreation has to offer!

Recreational Clubs
Western Campus Recreational Clubs are approved groups, coordinated by Sports & Recreation, led by students who share a common interest in a particular sport or physical activity. View a list of clubs here.

Intramural Sports
Intramural sports at Western offer a full range of opportunities that allow you to participate at competitive or recreational levels. Learn more about Intramurals.

Women's Only Sports
Sports & Recreation strives to provide safe and inclusive spaces for all of its members by offering Women's Only programming and spaces for female-identifying members.


Western Special Constables
Lawson Hall, Rm 1257
https://uwo.ca/campussafety wscs@uwo.ca

We are deeply committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful environment for students. The Western Special Constable Service is a dedicated team of professionals who support our campus community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Foot Patrol
  • A student volunteer service, Foot Patrol is here to walk with you on campus to ensure you reach your destination safely, including at night.
  • Call (519) 661-3650 for a safe walk home or visit their website for more information.
Student Emergency Response Team (SERT)
  • SERT is a student volunteer organization providing emergency medical response to 9-1-1 calls on main and Huron campuses.
  • Call 911 from a campus phone or call Campus Police directly at (519) 661-3300 if using a cellphone.

Alert WesternU
Alert WesternU is Western’s emergency mass notification system. Login to customize your notifications or Download the Alert WesternU app to receive mobile alerts and access an SOS button.

Emergency Phones
There are many Emergency Phones located strategically throughout main campus. At any campus location you are only a few seconds away from a direct link to the WSCS should a situation arise where you require assistance.

Food & Ameneties

Western has many places to relax and eat on campus. There are over 20 campus eateries including coffee shops featuring popular national brands. Whether you're looking for something quick on your way to class or a sit-down meal you’ll find many options on campus. Skip the line and download the Western Eats App!

Campus & Residence Meal Plans
Western offers residence meal plans and flex plans for all students to enjoy. Visit our website to discover discounts and ways to top up your plan online.

Clubs & Student Councils

The University Students’ Council has signaled that Brescia clubs will be accepted into the USC with a one-year grace period to meet ratification requirements.

The USC is a student-led organization that advocates for and represents undergraduate students at Western. They provide a wide variety of clubs - there's something for everyone!


SOGS endeavours to represent graduate student interests on campus and create a safe, supportive, and active community for all members.

Clare Hall

Clare Hall will remain an all-women student residence (subject to demand). Current Brescia students who live in Clare Hall may remain in residence for the duration of their enrolment at Western main campus, up to a maximum of four years. These four years include time already spent in residence.

Brescia students also have the option to live in a main campus residence for the 2024-25 school year. Limited spaces are available for upper-year students in selected residences and offers will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Interested students can apply via myhousing.uwo.ca.

Residence Life

Residence at Western is more than a place to eat and sleep; it’s an unforgettable experience. In residence, you'll have access to incredible events, personal support services and academic programming. Learn more about the residence experience here.

Residence Counselling & Student Support

  • Main Campus residences offer counselling and live-in student leaders there to guide you.
  • Students currently living in a Main Campus residence building can contact residence front desks for response and support.
  • Students in residence can also access Residence Counselling by emailing needtotalk@uwo.ca.

Student Lounge Space

The student lounge space in the Academic Pavilion will be open in the fall for Brescia students to gather outside of the classroom.

Directory of Supports

At Western, we are dedicated to the success of our students. Explore the following directory of services that are student-focused to learn about all the supportive and inclusive programming our community offers.

Indigenous Student Centre

Western Student Services Building, Rm 2100

The ISC is a vital space that acts as a central focus for Indigenous students and the Western Indigenous community to gather and find a sense of belonging within the larger institution. Our Centre is housed on the second floor of the Western Student Services Building (WSSB), located between the University Community Centre (UCC) and Weldon Library. Along with housing our staff offices, the ISC provides various services and programs to Indigenous students at Western in both undergraduate and graduate studies to help build a sense of community and find support navigating the university system.

Western International

The team at Western International is here to support international and exchange students throughout their time at Western.

Whether you’re a student who has recently arrived in Canada or a student who has been here for a while, you can connect with our caring and knowledgeable international student advisors and program coordinators from the International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC) for support to help you thrive and succeed!

Services include:

  • Immigration Advising & Workshops
  • Career Development
  • Peer Mentor Opportunities
  • English Conversation Program
  • Global Cafe & Events
  • Volunteer Roles

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


The EDI Office at Western University serves as a vital support for the Western community, providing resources and advocacy to promote equity, diversity and inclusion on campus. They regularly host trainings and events throughout the year to celebrate and engage with various voices, promoting a strong sense of belonging and community within the university.

Human Rights Office

Western’s Human Rights Office (HRO) provides information on the University’s discrimination and harassment policies and other human rights-related issues. We are here to help you, whether you are a student, staff or faculty member. We are dedicated to making Western a safe, respectful and supportive environment for all members of the University community. The Human Rights Office is confidential except in specific circumstances.

Student Support & Case Management

Student Support & Case Management is here to help you navigate all the supports and resources available to you, on and off campus. This includes gender-based and sexual violence support, complex case support, and Code of Conduct support.

Contact details:

Off-Campus Housing

Ontario Hall, Rm 3C1

The Off-Campus Housing Service (OCH) strives to provide students with a variety of housing options in the city of London and personal assistance which includes lease reviews and addressing other off-campus housing-related questions. Our Off-Campus Advisors help students and their neighbours to deal with issues related to living in the London community. The Mediation Service is a free, confidential resource that helps resolve problems that may arise between students and landlords, students and London residents, and/or students and their peers.