Self Reported Absence Increase

Self Reported Absence Increase

For the remainder of the Winter 2021 term (excluding the final exam period), undergraduate students in first entry programs who require academic consideration for missed work because of extenuating circumstances will be able to access two (2) additional Self-Reported Absence (SRA) reports, provided they meet the other conditions for use of an SRA.

This increase means students have a total of four (4) SRA reports for the 2020-21 Fall/Winter term.

Students are urged to carefully consider the implications of using an SRA to delay fulfilling an academic requirement. In particular, students should consider how work missed will be made up, and how that may affect other academic requirements throughout the remainder of the term.

Students who require academic consideration for longer than 48 hours or for work exceeding 30% will need to seek academic consideration through the academic counselling office in their faculty of registration. Students should expect to provide some form of documentation to support their request for academic consideration. 

This emergency measure is being put in place to help address challenges students are facing in obtaining medical and other documentation during the pandemic. It is in place only for the remainder of the Winter 2021 term.

Please review our Academic Considerations page, as well as our FAQs on SRA.