Intent to Register

Intent to Register

Intent to Register (ITR) is for current Fall/Winter students to request registration in an academic program and/or module for the subsequent Fall/Winter term.

Students currently in Year 1 (excluding those in Year 1 Medical Science First Entry) and Year 2 Medical Science First Entry should complete an ITR to progress into a program and/or module.

ITR is used to indicate your academic preference for:

Program and/or Modules(s)

Bachelor of Arts (4 Year)
Major in English Language & Literature + Minor in Film Studies

Academic Course Load

Full-Time or Part-Time

Students will have access to online ITR January 31- April 30 through Student Center under Western Links > Complete My Intent to Register.

Changes can be submitted throughout the online ITR period. After submitting through ITR, a student will receive an email confirming the details of their request.

In early May, ITR details can also be viewed in Student Center under Academics > Planning > View My Intent to Register.

Information on the Intent to Register process is available through the Intent to Register Training Manual.  This guide contains information on:

  • What you need to do to prepare for Intent to Register
  • How to access the online process

Note: Some students will not have access to online ITR and will need to contact their Faculty Academic Counselling Office.