December Exam Schedule

December Exam Schedule

The Mid-Year Test and Exam period will be held from Friday, December 10 – Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

The last day of Fall/Winter classes for Undergraduate students is Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

How, and where, do I check the exam schedule?

  • The Mid-Year test and Exam Schedule is now posted.
  • Check on your phone! Download the WesternU Mobile app, sign in and check your personal exam schedule. Available for Android and iOS
  • Don't have the app? Check yourCheck your personal exam schedule at


What is the difference between a mid-year test and a final exam?

In the context of the posted schedule:

  • The Registrar’s Office schedules mid-year tests (during the December time period) and final exams only
  • Mid-Year Test: For the purpose of this schedule, a mid-year test is a test that takes place in December for a full-year course
  • Final Exam: For the purpose of this schedule, a final exam is the evaluation that takes place at the end of a course (December final exams are scheduled for half-year courses). 


Conflict Information

What qualifies as a multiple exam situation?

  • 3 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within 3 consecutive periods or 23 hours;
  • 4 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within 6 consecutive periods or 47 hours; or
  • 5 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within 9 consecutive periods or 71 hours.

In order to support student success, Western has a policy in place to provide alternate arrangements for students who are scheduled to write multiple exams in a short period. If you wish to explore alternative writing options, please contact your Faculty Academic Counselling Office before Monday, December 6th in order to discuss this possibility. Exploring your writing options is completely voluntary. For more information, please see the exam conflicts page at

To determine if any of the following situations applied to you:

  • If one or more of your assessments is a “mid-year assessment” in a full-year course, the conflict is not eligible for resolution with the Office of the Registrar. You may choose to inquire about alternative writing arrangements by contacting your instructor or Academic Counselling Office.
  • If one or more of your conflicting exams has a flexible writing/submission window, your conflict listed above may be avoidable. Avoidable conflicts are conflicts in which one or more exam is either a take-home assignment, where the scheduled exam time is treated as the due date for submission, or an online course with an asynchronous window, where the assessment is available for completion in a period longer than the assessment duration. To determine whether an exam is flexible, please connect with your course instructor. For students with an avoidable conflict who still wish to explore alternative scheduling options, please reach out to your Home Faculty Academic Counselling Office.

If you have two final exams scheduled simultaneously with the same deadline expectation, your conflict cannot be avoided and you have the following two options for resolution:

  • OPTION 1: Alternate Writing Arrangements
    You may approach your instructor and inquire about alternate arrangements for one of your exams. If an alternate date is agreed upon, you MUST complete a Recommendation for Special Examination form at your Faculty Academic Counselling Office. Please be aware that your instructor is NOT required to make other arrangements for you to write your exam.
  • OPTION 2: Conflict Room
    You may write both exams in the Office of the Registrar administered Conflict Room on the same day as the assessments are currently scheduled.
  • If you would like to choose Option 2: Conflict Room, please follow the steps in the email you received on November 24, 2021 with confirmation by Monday, December 6th by 11:59pm (firm) to book your seat. Please remember, students cannot request use of the Conflict Room if one or more of the conflicting assessments is a “mid-year assessment” or has a flexible writing/submission window.

What can I do on the day of an exam if I have an emergency?

  • Where possible, students should inform their instructor prior to the date of the exam.
  • Contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit immediately, and be prepared to provide supporting documentation. If your emergency occurs on a weekend, contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit on the subsequent Monday morning.
  • If you have a medical concern, and are visiting an off-campus physician, please ensure you bring a copy of the Student Medical Certificate to your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit. This documentation will be required to determine if a make-up exam is warranted.
  • Re-writing exams, or having the value re-weighted on a retroactive basis, is not a standard policy – and is typically determined through academic counselling. Should you decide to write your original exam, please be prepared to accept the mark you receive.
  • Note: Self-reported absences are no allowed for scheduled final exams or mid-term exams scheduled during the December exam period.

Study Rooms:

The Office of the Registrar has arranged for the following study room to be open December 10, 2021 to December 21, 2021 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m each day:

B&GS 0153
B&GS 0165
KB K203
MC 105B
P&AB 34
P&AB 36
SEB 2100
SEB 1056
SEB 2100
SEB 2202
UC 1105
UC 1225

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