Course Syllabi Service

Course Syllabi Service

New Course Syllabi Service

The Office of the Registrar in collaboration with the University Students’ Council have worked to build a new Course Syllabi library, which provides students the ability to review past syllabi through their Student Center.

Current term course syllabi will be available on Student Center approximately two months following the course start date as provided by the Departments. At least one syllabus for each undergraduate course taught since 2012 is available for students to access while considering their course options or reviewing previously taken courses. A syllabus for each course section may not be available; if you don’t see the course syllabus you need, please contact the Department that offered of the course.

Please note: these course syllabi are for informational purposes only. Current course details should be obtained from the course professor or department.

Other course planning resources include the Timetable and Western Academic Calendar, available through

To search for a course syllabus, visit and on Student Center, select “Course Syllabi” under Documentation. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Search for a term by clicking the magnifying glass. To search for a subject, type the first few letters and click on the magnifying glass. For all available course syllabi for a subject in a particular term, leave the course number field blank.