Summer OSAP

Summer OSAP


Registering for courses for the Summer 2022 term and applying for OSAP? Please review the following information on how to apply:

FULL-TIME GRADUATE STUDENTS: All Graduate students must apply directly through the OSAP website for the summer term as there is no supplemental option available. Please note, if you have already received an OSAP assessment that includes the summer term (till end of Aug 2022), this option is not applicable.

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: To be eligible for FULL-TIME OSAP for the summer term, students must be enrolled in a minimum 60% course load, or in a minimum 40% course load for students who self-identify as having a permanent disability. If you have a current Fall/Winter 2021-2022 OSAP Application, the summer term is an extension of this application and only requires the completion of a Summer Supplemental Application. Please note, April 8th, 2022 is the deadline to submit the Summer Supplemental Application if wishing an automatic tuition deferral. If you do not have a current Fall/Winter 2021-2022 OSAP application, and you are registered in a minimum 12 week study period for the summer term, an online 2021-2022 OSAP application is necessary.

0.5 INTERSESSION(1ST) April 22nd
0.5 INTERSESSION(2ND) May 17th
1.0 SUMMER DAY July 5th
0.5 SUMMER DAY (1ST) June 10th
0.5 SUMMER DAY (2ND) July 5th 
1.0 SUMMER EVENING June 22nd

2022 Full-time Summer OSAP Supplemental Application available now:

PART-TIME OSAP Summer Term:  Please be advised that the above Summer Supplemental Application is not applicable if your summer enrollment is considered PART-TIME OSAP eligible. Less than a 60% of a full course load (or less than a 40% course load for students who self-identify as having a permanent disability) apply directly through the OSAP webste for PART-TIME OSAP:  The following courses/course combination, are considered PART-TIME OSAP eligible for the summer term.  Students enrolled in a minimum 40% course load and have a permanent disability have the option to apply for Full-time OSAP or Part-time OSAP. 

 OSAP Chart

Need to make summer changes? Adding/dropping summer courses or making a change to your summer income?  Please submit all change request details through our Virtual Helpline

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find what session a course is in?

On Draft My Schedule under My Current Schedule, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the Session your classes are in.

How do I know how much OSAP I am getting for the summer?

Please monitor your OSAP account online, login and check your OSAP details frequently. Once your Summer OSAP application is processed, all details such as funding, disbursement dates, and loans vs grants are outlined on your OSAP summary page.

How do I know if my tuition is deferred to my OSAP?

If your Summer OSAP is processed and sufficient to cover the balance of your tuition before the tuition due date, then your tuition is automatically deferred. Please keep checking your OSAP details through your online OSAP account to confirm your OSAP entitlement and dates of disbursement.

Can I submit the Summer Supplemental Form after April 8th?

Yes, the Summer OSAP Application will be available until later in the Summer, however, applications received within 3 weeks of the course start date are not guaranteed due to processing time. Apply 6 weeks in advance of the summer course start to ensure processing timelines.

How do I know if my course load is a minimum 60%?  

Summer courses are weighted differently than Fall/Winter. All summer courses with the exception of 4 variables are Full-time OSAP eligible providing you have Fall/Winter OSAP.  Courses not Full-time eligible are a 1 full distance course, a half distance course,  a half summer evening course, and a half distance and half evening course combination. Please refer to the following link for Part-time  eligibility details for summer:

Can I apply when on internship and what is the course load?

The only internship program that is OSAP eligible is Engineering. Engineering internship is considered 100% courseload.