Western is pleased to partner with MyCreds, powered by Digitary, a leading digital credential expert and platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials, to issue official transcripts in a secure digital format. These digital transcripts (eTranscripts) are certified and considered ‘official,’ and can be shared securely with educational institutions, employers, immigration authorities, and other third parties.

Benefits of using MyCreds

MyCreds ensures your documents' authenticity when accessed through the MyCreds portal.

MyCreds stores your documents securely and your data remains under Western University’s control. This information can only be accessed by you, Western, and whomever you choose to share your documents with.

Documents issued through MyCreds are authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid. The underlying MyCreds system has been independently tested by security experts. MyCreds documents contain digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.


Common questions:

How quickly will my eTranscript be sent after I order through Student Center.

While we only process paper transcripts on Monday and Thursday, eTranscripts are run in the morning and late afternoon during regular business days.

How do I share my eTranscript with a third party?

  1. From the Documents Page, which will be visible after login, click on the Share button next to the document you wish to share.
  2. On the Document Sharing screen, enter the recipient's email address and MyCreds will send an email to the person or organization. You can also specify for how long they can access the document and/or require them to have a PIN to access the document. Once you have entered the email address and completed any of the other sections on the screen, click the Continue button.
  3. Review the number of share credits you have for this document, and click Share.
  4. Review the confirmation message which will include the email address for the recipient you have shared your transcript with. You can advise the recipient to expect an email notification from | Mes <>.

For complete details about sharing your documents, please see the MyCreds Learner FAQ .

What are Share Credits?

Instead of paying a fee per paper transcript, with the eTranscript you purchase a specific number of Share Credits for that document. Each Share Credit allows you to share the secure eTranscript with one recipient, such as an employer or an educational institution.

For example, if you are applying to graduate programs at two universities (University A and University B) and need to submit an eTranscript with the application to each university, you would purchase two (2) Share Credits when you submit your order through your Student Center. When you are notified that your eTranscript is ready for sharing, log in to the MyCreds Learner Portal. You will then use the first Share Credit to send your eTranscript to University A, and the second Share Credit to send your eTranscript to University B. In the MyCreds Learner Portal, you will be able to see how many Share Credits you purchased for your e-Transcript, how many you have already used, and how many are remaining.

When you have used all of the Share Credits that you purchased for your eTranscript, you will no longer be able to share it with any further recipients. If the remaining Share Credits reach zero and you need to share your eTranscript with another recipient, you will need to submit a new order through your Student Center to purchase more Share Credits.

What is the cost of an eTranscript?

The cost for each eTranscript Share Credit is $21. To order transcripts via Student Center, you must have a valid Visa or MasterCard credit card (debit card is not accepted). Transcript fees are charged in Canadian dollars. Payment is non-refundable.

How can I download my eTranscript as a PDF?

Your eTranscript is not available for download from the Documents Page in your MyCreds Learner Portal. This is one of the ways that the Registrar’s Office ensures the integrity and authenticity of academic records for employers, graduate schools, government authorities, and other verifiers. When you share the document with a third party recipient directly through the MyCreds platform, the recipient is able to verify that the document is authentic and current. The recipient will have access to the transcript in PDF format which they will be able to download and retain for their record-keeping purposes.

As a Learner, if you need to download a copy of your Official Transcript for your records, you have the option to share the document with yourself, which will allow you to access and download the PDF. This option will use up one Share Credit; if you also need to share the document securely with another third party within the platform, you will need to purchase additional Share Credits.

For instructions on sharing your eTranscript from the MyCreds portal, follow the step-by-step instructions found in the “How do I share my eTranscript with a third party recipient’s question above , but enter your own email address under Recipient Email. Once you complete the steps to confirm the share information, you will receive a new email notification from MyCreds ( that includes a link to access the downloadable share of your eTranscript.

You can also view and download your unofficial transcript as a PDF directly from your Student Center at any time provided you attended Western after 1984. Downloading your unofficial transcript from Student Center does not use any Share Credits.

Important: If you choose to download your transcript and send this downloaded transcript to a third party, institutions and organizations may not consider it valid. By receiving a copy of a downloaded transcript, third-party recipients will have no way of verifying that the document you sent them is valid, current, and up to date. Instead, by sharing documents within the platform, the documents are certified as official.