Updating Personal Info

Keeping your personal information up to date is very important. Having the right information in our systems will ensure that information you receive from us will match your current information and arrive at the right destination. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that this information is kept up to date at all times.

There are two main categories of information that you can update through our office:

Changing your Address

The Office of the Registrar maintains only one address for each current student on behalf of Western University.  All official correspondence mailed to current students is sent to the student's "Home" address as noted on your Student Center.  Please log into your Student Center to ensure your HOME address reflects where you will be living while attending Western so that you receive important correspondence from Western.  Mail that is returned to the Office of the Registrar will not be redirected.

Changing your Name

A student wishing to change his/her name for the purposes of their student record has two options as set out within University Regulations. These two options are outlined below.

Note: A student wishing to change his/her name for use within the Division of Human Resources or Alumni Relations & Development must contact these areas separately.

  1. Requests to Change Students' Names on Academic Records:
    Students who wish to change their name used for official registration purposes are required to provide 2 pieces of acceptable documentation (as outlined below) including photo identification reflecting the change request. The name will appear on all official academic records, unless otherwise specified (see option 2 below).
  2. Request to Change Students' Names on Degree Diplomas:
    Students who wish to include a variation of their complete name for the purpose of their printed degree are required to complete the form indicated below. The name variation for the printed degree will be retained as part of the student's permanent record and displayed separately on official transcripts with the degree conferral information.

Note: Any future Degree Verification or Transcripts MUST reflect the name used for Official Registration Purposes (see option 1 above)

For further information regarding either name change process or to print off the Name Change Request Form please use the following link: Name Change Request Form (pdf)

Completed forms should be signed and returned to Student Central. Forms can be submitted in person, by mail, or by fax.

Note: If you legally change your name during your time at Western and would like the name change reflected on your Western ONECard, you may request this after your name change has been processed. A replacement fee will apply.

Western Email

All primary communications from the Office of the Registrar, Dean's offices, and departments will be addressed to your @uwo.ca email.  It is expected that you will keep your email in good working order.  For more information see Western's Central E-mail Service FAQ.  See Office 365 Tips & Tricks for information on how to forward your email to another address and how to check your quota.

Directory Removal

The Directory Removal service allows you to notify the Office of the Registrar if you wish to be removed from the Western online student directory listing that provides your Western e-mail address.

To access the Directory Removal service, log into your Student Center and click on "Directory Removal" under "Personal Information".