Third Party Forms

In certain cases, you may require a third party form to be completed and sealed by the Registrar's Office to validate registration or degree confirmation.  We complete a variety of third party forms, including:

  • Canadian Pension Plan (CPP)

    Note: the CPP form must be an original and cannot be faxed, as per Canadian government requirements.

  • Canadian Scholarship Trust
  • Children's Education Funds
  • Global Educational Trust
  • Heritage Education Funds
  • Knowledge First Financial 

If you have a form that requires validation of registration, submit it to the Student Central office in person, by mail, or by fax.

Note: There may be some forms, or parts of forms, that we are unable to complete.  If you have a form that requires the number of clinical hours that you completed, please contact the faculty in which you were registered.

Any forms submitted by mail or fax will be completed and mailed directly to the company/organization requesting the verification.  Forms submitted by mail or fax will not be returned to the student. 

Forms requiring verification for a future term will be completed once the student's registration in the future term is displayed in Western's Student Administration system.

If you will be in the Greater Toronto area completing an internship or practicum, you may request that Student Central complete a GO Transit Student Identification Card application.  For further information or to request that an application be completed, please visit Student Central in the Western Student Services building, room 1120, call our Helpline at 519-661-2100, or email us at


There is a cost of $16.00 per form. Payment must be received prior to the form being completed.  There is no charge for completion of CPP forms or GO Transit Student Identification Card Application forms.

Payment will be accepted in the form of MasterCard, Visa, money order, cash, Canadian debit, or personal cheque. 

If you are faxing or mailing in your third party form, please also complete and submit the Payment for Third Party Form (pdf).