Fees and Processing Time

Payment must accompany all requests prior to processing. Most requests are completed within 4 to 5 business days. This does not include mailing time. Payment methods available to you depend on the ordering option you choose - please see the Ordering Options page for further details. You may also have your letter couriered or faxed at an additional charge.

Official western letters Fees
Standard Letters (4-5 day processing) $16.00
Standard Letters (in person on the spot) $20.00
Special Letters (Visa renewal, Graduation, Fees, Q.E.C.O. or other letter) $16.00
Fax (10 pages max) $25.00
Courier Fees: Within Ontario $23.00
Courier Fees: Canada (excluding Ontario) $31.00
Courier Fees: USA $44.00
Courier Fees: International (may vary depending on location & service) $65.00

Note: Additional charges may apply for returned courier shipments. If you request an order sent by fax, we will make 3 attempts for unsuccessful fax transmissions.