Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and Awards are established and funded by individual donors, corporations, Faculties, Departments, and the governing body of the University of Western Ontario. Scholarships and Awards are awarded during the academic year based on the student's previous academic performance and current registration. Scholarship and Award recipients are issued T4A's in February for the previous taxation year.

The following is a list of the various Merit Based Award options/programs available at the University of Western Ontario:

Scholarships, Awards & Transcripts
Need based awards will now appear on transcripts.  Effective immediately, need based awards along with merit awards will display on your transcript. Read More
International Student Scholarship Information

Western University is pleased to welcome international students to its community and we wish to recognize the academic achievements of international students through our scholarship programs.

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Admission Scholarship Program

Western’s Admission Scholarships are unlimited and automatically awarded upon admission to Western. No application is required to be considered for these scholarships.

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National Scholarship Program

National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. They are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance to candidates who demonstrate ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning. National Scholarships also recognize exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities such as the arts and athletics. A special emphasis is placed on a candidate's commitment to community service through ongoing contributions to school and community life.

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Schulich Leader Scholarships

Schulich Leader Scholarships are undergraduate scholarships in support of students pursuing studies in STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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In-Course Scholarships & Awards

Western University has a comprehensive scholarship and award program that recognizes student achievement. In-Course Scholarships and Awards are awarded during the academic year based on the student's previous academic performance and current registration.

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Need Based Awards

Need-Based Awards are awarded to students based on a combination of academic merit, demonstration of financial need, and in some cases, non-academic requirements.

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External Awards
Scholarships, bursaries and awards offered by external organizations that Western is involved in administering. Read More
Employee Group Scholarships

Dependent children and in some cases spouses of regular full-time staff at the University of Western Ontario can apply for Employee Group Scholarships.

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Project Hero Scholarship

The University of Western Ontario is proud to participate in Project Hero, an initiative co-founded by Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Reed and Retired General Rick Hillier to provide support to the sons and daughters of Canadian military killed while serving in an active mission.

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Schulich Scholarships

Awarded annually to students entering first year of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program based on academic achievement and demonstrated financial need.

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