Money Talks @ Western U

Money Talks @ Western U

It’s important for students to understand how to manage their money in order to avoid financial stress. Financial literacy programs are used to share knowledge about how to make responsible, informed, and effective financial decisions. Money Talks @ Western U hosts workshops and drop-in events that aim to address a variety of concepts relating to financial decision-making and wellness; more specifically, the financial components of budgeting, banking, credit, paying for school, and life after Western. 

The workshop series runs throughout the fall/winter terms, and is open to all registered students at the University. Students are usually required to sign up in advance; registration links will be posted as they become available.

Drop-in events require no registration, and are advertised through Western University’s social media channels.

Money Talks @ Western U is a collaborative effort between Student Financial Services, Housing and Ancillary Services, Wellness Education Centre, The Student Success Centre, and the University Students’ Council.

Questions? Want to get involved or request assistance with an event? Email for more information.

The Game of LIFE

The Game of LIFE is an interactive drop-in event that aims to provide students with information about a wide variety of topics relating to financial literacy within a flexible time period. Students will learn about expenses and resources relating to postsecondary studies, budgeting tips and tricks, basics of taxes and investments, and life after graduation. As students move through the different booths, staff will be on hand to discuss topics, answer questions, and engage in games relating to booth subject matter. Participating students are entered for a chance to win prizes, so be sure to stop by the UCC Atrium on Thursday November 2nd from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to play and learn about topics relating to financial wellness!

Workshop Series

The Money Talks @ Western U workshop series is a free program that provides Western students with the opportunity to sign up for workshops that cover five areas of financial wellness: Budgeting, Paying for School, Banking and Investments, Credit and Debt, and Life After School.


Both entry-level (“101”) and expert-led (“102”) workshops will be available for sign-up via the Western CareerCentral website. Workshops are one hour in length, and can be taken at any point (no existing prerequisites or mandatory workshops).

Participation in the program will be acknowledged on a student’s Co-Curricular Record. Following completion of at least five workshops (two of which must be expert-led) and a short reflection activity, students will receive a Letter of Accomplishment. Letters of Accomplishment are issued via Career Central at the end of the academic year.


Paying for School 101: Funding Fundamentals

Wednesday September 27
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
UCC 147A

One month down, seven to go - are you financially prepared for the rest of the year? Join Money Talks @ Western U as we kick-off our 2017-18 workshop series and learn about the variety of funding programs available to assist with school expenses. You'll learn about the difference between needs-based and merit-based aid, important deadlines, scholarship strategies, and more!

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Budgeting 101: Financing the Fun Stuff

Tuesday October 3
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m
UCC 147A

School's back in session, but it's the stuff that happens after class that can really add up when it comes to your bank account. From clubs to intramurals, dinners and movies, to nights out with friends, entertainment comes at a cost. So how do you balance all of those opportunities without breaking the bank? Come sit down as we explore balancing the budget on essentials vs. luxuries, and the dangers of swiping that card!

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Banking and Investments 101: Making It Count

Wednesday October 25
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
UCC 147A

From banks to credit unions, financial institutions surround us every day. Odds are, you have an account yourself (in fact, we'd bank on it!) But how much thought do you give to the institutions that hold your money? And what about the different types of accounts? Join us, as we explore an introduction to banking and investments!

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Credit and Debt 101: Psychology of Shopping

Thursday November 16
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
UCC 147B

From Black Friday to Boxing Day (and all of the holiday shopping in between), picking up a sweet deal can offer quite the rush. But just what is it about shopping that can be so addictive? Why is it that swiping a card doesn’t feel quite the same as handing over cold, hard cash? And how do we avoid the dangers of impulse buying and internet shopping? Listen as we explore the psychology of shopping with Dr. Bonnie Simpson in this Money Talks @ Western U workshop!

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