Bursaries are non-repayable grants that are awarded on the basis of financial need. Bursaries supplement students’ primary sources of funding such as OSAP, bank loans/lines of credit and parental/spousal contributions. Financial need is determined in a manner similar to the Canada and Ontario Student Loans assessment. It involves assessing the costs of the program that students are registered in or are applying for, and any available resources.


The Government of Ontario, in partnership with the province's colleges and universities, delivers the Student Access Guarantee. The Student Access Guarantee’s goal is that no qualified Ontario student should be prevented from attending our public colleges and universities because of a lack of financial support.

Through this guarantee, Western will provide enough financial aid to cover students’ assessed needs for tuition, books and mandatory fees if these are not fully met by OSAP.

If you are in a first-entry program, meaning a program that you can enter directly from high school, you will be automatically considered for Student Access Guarantee aid based on your OSAP application, whether or not you also apply to your postsecondary institution for financial aid.

The ministry will assess whether you qualify for additional aid for tuition, books and mandatory fees, and if you do, Western will provide it to you through a combination of:

  • Bursaries
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study programs

In addition to aid specifically to cover tuition, books and mandatory fee needs, Western also strives to assist students who are having trouble meeting their basic costs to stay in school for other reasons, or who are experiencing unusual or emergency situations.

Note: To determine if you qualify for financial assistance in addition to OSAP and the Student Access Guarantee, you must submit the online Financial Assistance Profile Application by October 31.

Eligibility for Non-OSAP students

Eligible students must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, be registered at main campus in a full or part time program and demonstrate a genuine financial need.

How to Apply

The Bursary, Work Study & Need Based Award programs are all based on financial need, and are all applied for via the online Financial Assistance Profile Application.  The Fall/Winter 2018 application is available through the Student Center .

Application Deadlines

The Financial Assistance Profile application (FAP) for Bursary consideration will be available until October 31st. Students who do not apply by October 31st will have the opportunity to apply for bursary funding again in the second term from the first day of classes in January to February 28.


Note: If you wish to be considered for Need Based Awards please click here to find out more information on these deadlines. 

Fairmount Foundation International Learning Bursary

Awarded to undergraduate students who have completed first year or above and who wish to study abroad on:  exchange programs; approved study abroad programs; curriculum-based international field courses, international research, international community engaged learning; internships; and other University-led international credit or non-credit learning experiences approved by Western International. 

To be considered for the Fairmount Foundation International Learning Bursary, please complete the Financial Assistance Profile Application. Please include your study abroad/exchange information in the "Questionnaire" portion of the application to be considered. The application deadline is October 31 each year.

Summer Bursary Funding

Financial assistance is also available during the summer term for registered summer students. The application for summer bursary and work-study funding becomes available in late April each year through the Student Center.  To be eligible to apply students must be registered in a minimum half credit (not Distance Studies) at Western during the Summer term and must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Note: Students who are registered in a 0.5 Distance Studies course only are not eligible to apply for funding. 

Deadline to apply for Summer 2018: July 18, 2018

Admission Bursary Application

Note: The deadline to apply on the Admission Bursary Application has passed. Students who did not complete an Admission Bursary Application can still be considered for bursary assistance for the Fall/Winter 2018 academic year by submitting a Financial Assistance Profile Application which will be available in mid-August through the Student Center.

To use the Admission Bursary application to apply for Admission Bursaries and Need Based Awards, you must be applying to Western for September 2018 admission in either the first year of an Undergraduate program (programs in Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Health Science (Kinesiology, Health Science, Nursing), Information and Media Studies (MIT, MTP), Music, Science (Science, Medical Science), Social Science (Social Science and MOS) or the first year of one of the following second entry Professional Programs: Medicine, Law, Dentistry or Business (HBA1). You must also be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident and demonstrate genuine financial need for the Fall/Winter 2018 term.

Students who are applying to Western as a part-time student, or who have previously attended a post-secondary institution (and are not applying to a Professional Program listed above), will have the opportunity to apply for bursary assistance on the Fall/Winter Financial Assistance application. The Fall/Winter Financial Assistance application will be available through the Student Center by mid-August.

Out of Province Guarantee

We will guarantee you a minimum $1,000 admission bursary for September 2018 if you are admitted directly from a secondary school in a Canadian province outside of Ontario, are registered in the first year of an undergraduate program on Main Campus, and are receiving Canadian federal or provincial student loan assistance.

Senior Citizen Bursary

This bursary is available to senior citizens who are registered as part-time students at main campus, and is awarded on the basis of financial need. The value of the bursary shall cover up to the cost of 3.0 courses or the maximum of $4100 per term (fall/winter) for non-grad students and $1180 per term for graduate students. Applications should be submitted prior to the start of classes for the session in which the bursary is required. The value of the bursary will be applied directly to outstanding tuition fees.

If you are 60 years of age or older:

Fall/Winter 2018-19 Senior Citizen Bursary Application

First Generation Bursary

The Government of Ontario allocates funding for first generation students through the ministry's Access and Opportunities Strategy.  This bursary opportunity provides direct support to students with financial need who are the first in their families to attend a post-secondary institution.  The Bursary ranges from $1000-3500 dollars, and students with the highest financial need will be selected from the eligible submissions through the Financial Assistance Profile Application (FAP).

To be eligible to receive a First Generation Bursary you must satisfy the following:

  • You must be a student whose parents have not enrolled in any post-secondary studies. This includes full or part-time studies, in or outside of Canada, at any time, in any program.
    Post-secondary studies will include college and university.
  • You must meet Ontario residence requirements. For more information visit the OSAP website.
  • You must be enrolled in the current academic year at main campus.
  • You must have applied on the Financial Assistance Profile ("FAP") or Admission Bursary Application and have been approved for bursary/need based awards or work study.

The deadline to apply for consideration for the First Generation Bursary is October 31st.

International Students

Special Financial Assistance, including the International Student Bursary Program, are available specifically for International Students.  Click here for information on the programs available.

Graduate Students

Special Financial Assistance is available for Graduate Students. Click here for information on the programs available.