Step by Step Guide to Registration

A Step by Step Guide to Course Registration

Course registration at Western University is done over the internet through the Student Center. The following instructions give you a brief step by step guide to registering for a course through this system, as well as links to more detailed instructions.

Important Note: Please be aware that Western University does not support external timetable services. These providers may not have up-to-date and accurate information. When making your course selections, please ensure you meet all course prerequisites, antirequisites, and corequisites.

Before you can start:

1. You must be activated in the term in which you want to register in courses.  For information on term activation see the Activation Services Page.

2. Go through the Academic Calendar & Timetable to find information on the courses & sections you are interested in, as well as some alternates in case of conflicts/full courses.

Note: Ensure you have any prerequisites or co-requisites needed and that you do not have any anti-requisites.  The Calendar course information contains course names, numbers, descriptions, and the necessary prerequisites/anti-requisites/co-requisites for the course.

3. Ensure you select the Timetable for the term in which you want to register in the courses.

4. Log in to Student Center.  You will need your Western User ID & password. If you do not have this information, use our Student Center Access Guide.

Course Registration

Adding a Class

1. Under the Academic Section select Enroll in Classes.

2. Pick a course to add using either Search for Class or Enter Class NbrClass Nbr: Western University assigns each Lecture with a 4 digit Class Number.

3. When the course you are searching for appears, select the Next button to go to the next step in registering for this course.  This course has now been added to your Course Enrollment Worksheet.

Note: At the bottom of the page you will see classes you have already placed in your shopping cart.  You are NOT enrolled in these courses until you have completed the adding process.

4. Select Proceed To Step 2 of 3 to continue adding the course(s).  Select the Finish Enrolling button to enroll in the class.

5. For more information, visit Adding a Class (pdf)

Dropping a Class

1. Under the Academic Section select Enroll in Classes then select the Drop tab.

2. Select the class you wish to drop by clicking in the Select box.

3. Select Drop Selected Classes.

4. Select Finish Dropping.

5. For more information, visit Dropping a Class (pdf)

Swapping a Lecure

1. Under the Academic Section, select Enroll in Classes then select the Swap tab.

2. Select the course you wish to swap out by choosing from the list in the Select from your schedule dropdown box.

3. Choose a course to replace it using either the Class Search or My Planner if you have courses saved in your planner.  After making your choice, you will be presented with a page with the details on your swap.

4. Review the details of your swap & once satisfied, click the Finish Swapping button.  A page will come up with the information about your swap.  The status heading will tell you if your courses were swapped successfully, or if there was an error.

5. For more information, visit Swapping Classes (pdf)

Note: If you are trying to swap just the tutorial or lab please see the Swapping a Lab or Tutorial information below.

Swapping a Lab or Tutorial

1, Under the Academic Section, select Enroll in Classes then select the Swap tab.

2. From the dropdown, select the course for which you wish to Swap the Tutorial / Lab / Exam Centre.

3. Select Class Search from the Search for Class dropdown and click Search.

4. Search for the SAME course you chose in the dropdown in step 3 then select Search.

5. Select the Tutorial / Lab / Exam Centre you want to change to THEN select the same Lecture you are currently enrolled in.  Select Next.

6. Select the Finish Swapping button to complete the swap.

7. For more information, visit Swapping a Tutorial or Lab (pdf)

Search for Classes

1. When you are searching for a class enter the first 3 digits of the course subject in the box and click Select Subject (eg. Psy for Psychology).

2. When the options appear, click the Select button next to the choice you are looking for (eg. Psychol for Psychology).

3. Enter the course number if you know it or just click the Search button. Open courses will appear for you to choose from.

4. Click the green arrow next to the course you would like to add and then select the section you want to add.  From here go back to the Add instructions to continue.

5. Click here for more information Search the Catalog (pdf)