Intent to Register Planning Guide

Returning in September 2019?

You must complete the Intent to Register process by March 31st, 2019 to be permitted access to course selection during summer registration through Student Center. 

Important: Mandatory for all returning students - Even if you are staying in your current program you should attend one of the information sessions offered during the program counselling period.  Information about courses being offered, new program regulations, and how to plan for fall/winter registration will be offered. If you do not attend a session you may miss valuable information pertaining to your program.

The Intent to Register process is more than just completing your Intent to Register.  There are a number of steps you should follow to properly prepare for the 2019/2020 Term.

Step 1: Academic Calendar

View the Academic Calendar,  reading the sections of the calendar that apply to your intended program of study.  Note: the Academic Calendar for the 2019-2020 Academic Year will be available in February 2019.  Check that you have the prerequisites for your intended courses and no antirequisites.  Plan your program and make note of any questions you have before your information session.

Step 2: Unofficial Transcript

Review your Unofficial Transcript to ensure you will have met the requirements of your intended program(s) of study, and print a copy to bring with you to your counselling or information session.  Your Unofficial Transcript is available through Student Center navigate to the Academics section and under Documentation the 3rd link down is Web Academic Report.  

When the page loads click the drop down Report Type and choose Web Academic Report and then choose View Report.  Your record will open in a new window so ensure you don’t have popup blockers for this site.  You can then save it as a pdf or print it.

Step 3: Special Permissions

Obtain any special permissions that are required.  Special permissions will not override constraints that restrict course access to students in specified programs.

Step 4: Program Counselling

Attend information sessions during the program counselling period if they are offered within your faculty.  For information on your department/program's counselling sessions please visit your Faculty's website.

Step 5: Complete your Intent to Register

Most students will complete the Intent to Register process using the online service. For step by step help filling out your Intent to Register consult our ITR process instructions. For students unable to complete the Intent to Register process online, please see your Faculty for a paper form.

Online Intent to Register

Note: If you have completed the Intent to Register form online, you will receive an email confirmation of your choices to your Western Email account ( Students who wish to make further changes to their online selections can continue to use this process until March 31st, 2019.

Paper Intent to Register

For instructions on how to complete the paper ITR form, view our video.