Accommodated Exams Student Guide

Step 1: Go to the Examination Services home page for information

Examination Services Home Page - Accommodated Exams

Step 2: To look at exams that are scheduled or to request accomodating for a course, go to the online registration system.

Click here for the Online Registration System

Step 3:Read the University of Western Ontario's code of conduct (Main campus & affiliate university colleges). 

Students Login Instructions

Step 4: Log in. 

Note: that you will be able to view already scheduled exams and register to write different exams in the same location.

ES Student login

Step 5: View scheduled and canceled exams at the top of the page (scheduled and canceled exams are shown under status). 

Note:  the date range for which you may view scheduled exams.

Seven Day Notice


Step 5 Students Screenshot 3

Step 6: View already requested exams for specific courses. 

If you have already requested an exam for that course, the request turns green.

Step 6 Students Confirmation

Note:  For all received requests, Examination Services will schedule your exam if it is the correct date and time.

Step 7: Select a course from the drop down menu.

Step 7 Student - Select a course

Step 8: Request academic accomodation for courses that are already listed.

Step 8 Students Screenshot

As shown above, you need to click on Yes before submitting your request.  If you do not choose Yes, you will submit a blank request. Blank exam requests are not processed.

Step 9: After you submit your request, you will automatically be sent to the confirmation page.

If the request was successful, it will look like this:

Step 9 Students Screenshot

For all exams submitted properly, Examination Services will schedule your request.  You will need to log onto the Examination Services home page to see where you are writing 7 days before the scheduled exam date.

Step 10: Print out your confirmation notice for your records, including the Request ID.

Step 9 Students Screenshot

Step 11: Request academic accomodation for exams that are not listed. 

Under the course that you are looking to add, find:

Step 11: Find the request box that has Signup for Exam, Exam Date, Exam Start Time, Note/Comments

  • Click on yes
  • Enter in the date of the exam (ie. 31-12-2008)
  • Enter in the start time with the drop down arrow
  • Submit the request by clicking on the 'Submit the Request' button.

When you submit the request, your confirmation will say:

Step 11: Exam Request Received Successfully

Step 12: Cancelling your Exam

If you need to cancel your accommodation for an exam, you can return to the view of your scheduled exams and view the details of the appropriate exam where you can click on the ' cancel' button.

December Examinations

Step 1: You need to confirm your intention of writing exams during the December exam period. 

Examination Services have included all of your exams that have been centrally scheduled by the Office of the Registrar.  If you have not yet confirmed your December exams, you will be able to click on "Yes" or "No" under the signup for exam tab.

Step 1 December Exams Screenshot

Note: that the YES is pre-selected for your convenience.  If you wish to write all exams with Examination Services, you need to submit the confirmation only.  If you wish to write the exams with your class, or the professor is arranging the exam, please select No.

Step 2:    Once you have confirmed your December exams, you will be able to view the following:

Step 2 December Exams: Signup for exam will have a 'yes, will write' confirmation in the signup line & change to the colour green.