December Exam Schedule

December Exam Schedule

The last day of Fall/Winter classes is December 8 and exams begin December 10. The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce that we have adjusted our processes in order to release the December 2017 exam schedule earlier this year than in any previous year.

How and where do I check the exam schedule?

  • The December Exam Schedule (now including room assignments) is posted here.
  • Room assignments will be added at the end of October and will be available here.

What do I do if I have time conflicts?

  • If you have two FINAL exams scheduled in the same time slot (ie. two exams scheduled at 2:00pm on the same day), you will have received an e-mail to your Western ( account. Our communication will provide details on how to proceed and appropriate people to contact.
  • If you have multiple exams within a short timeframe, please see the information available relating to a multiple exam situation here.

What can I do on the day of an exam if I have an emergency?

  • Where possible, students should inform their instructor prior to the date of the exam.
  • Contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit immediately and be prepared to provide supporting documentation. If your emergency occurs on a weekend, contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit on the subsequent Monday morning.
  • If you have a medical concern and are visiting an off-campus physician, please ensure you bring a copy of the Student Medical Certificate. This is the documentation the Home Faculty Academic Counselling units will expect to see to determine if a make-up exam is warranted.
  • If you decide to write your exam, you should be prepared to accept the mark you earn. Rewriting exams or having the value reweighted on a retroactive basis is not normal practice.

Where can I study?

  • Study rooms will be posted here near the end of November.

You can find more information on examinations here.