Top 10 Exam Questions Answered

1.  I think I have 3 exams/mid-year tests in 23 hours. How can I tell?

  • Go to your Personal Exam Schedule (on right side of Student Center)
  • If you see 3 exams that run consecutively (eg. 9am, 2pm, 7pm on the same day or 2pm, 7pm, 9am across two days) then you have a multiple exam situation
  • You will receive an email to your Western account from Examination Services in early November with more information and the appropriate people to contact.
  • If you do not receive an email, you MUST go to Student Centre Room 1120 WSSB to make inquiries.

2.  I have two final exams at the same time, who do I talk to?

  • This is considered a direct conflict. You will receive an email to your Western account from Examination Services with details on how to proceed and appropriate people to contact.

3.  I have a mid-year test and a final exam at the same time, who do I talk to?

  • Contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling office to make alternate arrangements.

4.  I am too sick to attend my exam what do I do?

  • Academic accommodation will be granted only in those cases where there is documentation indicating that the student was seriously affected by illness and could not reasonably be expected to meet your academic responsibilities.
  • Documentation should be submitted immediately to your Home Faculty Academic Counselling office with a request for relief specifying a request for exam accommodation. If your emergency occurs on a weekend, contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling office on the following Monday morning.
  • Once the accommodation request has been received and assessed, appropriate academic accommodation will be determined by your Home Faculty Academic Counselling office in consultation with the your instructor, which may include arranging Special Exams or Incompletes, re-weighting course requirements, or granting late withdrawals without academic penalty.

5.  What if I slept in/ misread my Timetable/ had previous flight arrangements during my exam?

  • These are not considered grounds for accommodation and instructors are not required to set a Special Examination if you miss an exam due to such reasons.
  • If you arrive within the first 30 minutes of the exam/mid-year test, you may be given permission to start the examination. Please be aware this will not alter the end time for the exam. Otherwise, contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling Office as soon as possible.
  • You are expected to schedule vacations and flights that will not interfere with the examination schedule.

6.  What do I need to bring to an exam?

  • Your Western ONECard and 1 piece of government issued Photo ID.
  • Any writing materials needed to complete the exam.

7.  How long in advance do I need to make arrangements for an accommodated exam?

  • While it is best to make all your bookings as soon as you have your course outlines, the deadline to submit exam bookings is 10 days prior to the exam date. If you miss that date, your booking will automatically be denied.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: for exams/mid-year tests that are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar (in the official exam periods at the end of each term, during the December and April exam period), bookings will need to be submitted after the exam schedule is posted and an earlier deadline will apply.
    • You will receive a special email notification, indicating the deadline date to book final exams.

8.  I have an accommodation request to write my exam in an alternate location, how do I set that up?

  • Step 1: Make sure you have arranged academic accommodation with your Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) counsellor.
  • Step 2: Log In to the Examination Services and SSD King's Login page to provide exam or test dates.
  • Step 3: Check your quiz/test/exam Dates, Times and Locations.
  • Step 4: On the Day of Quiz/Test Exam Arrive at the appropriate location 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for your exam. See here for maps of the UWO campus:

9.  What should I do on the day of my exam before coming to campus?

  • Double check your room location and exam start time Exam Schedule or check the WesternU Mobile for your exam schedule.
  • Leave enough time to get to campus remembering about the bridge closure.

10.  What can I do if I think my exam was graded unfairly or a mistake was made with my grade?

  • The best thing for a student to do if they believe the mark they received on an exam or assignment is unfair is to find out why they didn't do well.
  • You can read through the guide “What Makes an Examination Fair?” and contact the Ombudsperson for further consultation.
  • If you want to appeal the grade, you can refer to the Grade Appeals and Other Requests for Relief and Academic Problems and Appeals guides for additional information.
  • Before writing your appeal, you should review Writing an Effective Appeal or Request Letter as an additional resource.