Web Registration

Western students who have been admitted to the University and are in good academic standing can select courses during course registration periods via the Student Center.

Your appointment time (only for Fall/Winter registration) is your earliest date and time at which you can start course registration. You can continue registering while the online registration period is open, but it is recommended you utilize your scheduled appointment time for best course selection.

Where do I see my Fall/Winter Registration Appointment?

An email is sent to your Western email once your appointment time has been assigned.

  1. Go to Student Center and log in. Ensure that your cookies are enabled and any pop-up blocker is set to allow popups from student.uwo.ca.
  2. Go to the right side of the main page, and check the section entitled “Enrolment Dates”. The next page will list a date and time that you are allowed to start registering in courses online. Until this date/time is reached, you cannot register in courses online!
  3. Once your appointment day and time has been reached, you may begin enrolling in courses by going to the “Academics” section and clicking the “Enroll in Classes” link. 

Online Registration Assistance

There are multiple tools available to help you in your registration process:

  1. The Student Center Access Guide – will help you learn how to access the Student Center service.
  2. The Step by Step Guide to Registration– will guide you through registering online through the Student Center service.
  3. Timetables - Fall/Winter timetables available June 1st and Summer timetables available Feb.1st.
  4. The Draft My Schedule tool – will help you build an individual conflict-free class schedule.
  5. In addition, the Student Central Helpline (519-661-2100) is available to answer all your questions.

Note: Visit the Add/Drop/Swap page for details on dropping courses after online registration periods are closed.

Common Errors

'No valid appointment found and open enrollment period has not begun' error

This message is given when you attempt to enroll for a course incorrectly. This error occurs if you try and add a course in a career you are not registered in, if you try to add a course in a term you're not activated in, or if you try to add a course outside of the time period allotted for registration/adding courses. If you are having problems adding a course in a career you are in concurrently, you must ensure you're adding into the correct career.

Registration Appointment Time Assignment Method

During the main course registration period for Fall/Winter, course selection dates are grouped by year and assigned in the following sequence:

  1. Year 4 Students (e.g. students in Year 4 of an Honors Specialization Degree)
  2. Year 3 Students
  3. Year 2 Students
  4. Dual/Combined Students (appointment corresponds to course selection for "non-Ivey" program)

Note For Year 1 Students: Year 1 Students are not competing for the same courses as senior students, therefore, they may select courses at any time during the enrolment period starting June 17th. It is recommended that they receive Academic Counselling through the Summer Academic Orientation program.